Music As Medicine

MusiCure – Music As Medicine, by musician and composer Niels Eje, is specially composed music, created specifically to have a positive mentally stimulating effect for the listener.

After more than 16 years of creative development, on a foundation of clinical research, Musicure has had a successful use for therapy among many different types of patients in different countries around the world.

MusiCure music can be described as a special kind of ‘universal’ and ‘genre-less’ music and soundscapes which speaks to all regardless of musical taste. Composer Niels Eje has always used classical instruments and soloists incorporating original sounds of nature. The musicians participating in the production of MusiCure are all highly trained professional classical artists, who in this context show new sides of their instrumental and artistic expertise.

The creation of MusiCure stems from the interdisciplinary project ‘Musica Humana’, initiated in 1998 by Professor, MD Lars Heslet from the Copenhagen University Hospital together with composer Niels Eje, and since 2000, independent researchers and healthcare professionals have carried out a series of clinical research studies using MusiCure.

The results of these studies and controlled trials are currently published in a number of international medical journals such as: Heart & Lung – The journal of Acute and Critical Care, European journal of Cardiovascular Nursing, Intensive and Critical Care Nursing, Pediatric Anesthesia, and others. See Research

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Paul E. Savoca, MD, serves as Medical Advisor to Scandic Health LLC, who provides digital streaming of MusiCure Audio and Video to hospitals, patient facilities, and medical centers in the USA.