Message Dr. Savoca

If you are an established patient in the practice (i.e. you have been seen by Dr. Savoca either at the hospital or in the office), then use this form to communicate with him.  If you are a prospective new patient, please go to the appointment request tab and initiate contact with the office first.  Medical advice cannot be dispensed without this having been done.  If you have an urgent medical problem DO NOT use this form rather call your primary care physician or go to the nearest emergency room.

While communication with your physician is crucial, please be respectful of his time and utilize this form for significant but not urgent or emergent problems.  Every attempt is made to respond immediately to patient concerns however, a response can always be expected within 2 business days.

Examples of  when to use this tab include:

  • Questions about your condition, treatment or procedure performed  that have not been answered to your satisfaction by the office staff, my nurse, through information on this website or if you have called the office and have not received a return call.
  • Concerns about scheduling of office appointments or procedures
  • Questions about lab results (this can also be done through the patient portal established when you were seen in the office if you selected to web enable your medical record).
  • Patients from Dr. Savoca's prior practice seeking to re-establish care with him.